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Our research program focuses on discovery, synthesis, validation of radiopharmaceuticals and imaging agents and their clinical translation and commercialization with our partners.

Research and Development

Novel Molecular Probes for PET/SPECT Imaging

Early disease diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. The Radiochemistry and Radiopharmaceuticals Research Group specializes in developing radiolabelled probes targeting molecular biomarkers expressed by disease and infection to detect pathology early. Radiolabelled molecular probes are detected throughout the course of disease by Positron Emission Tomography (PET) or Single Photon Emission Computed tomography (SPECT) for accurate staging leading to improved treatment.

Non-Invasive Photoacoustic Imaging

Visualizing pathology accurately, non-invasively, and with high-resolution is ideal for diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Photoacoustic Imaging (PAI) combines the specificity of PET/SPECT probes with the convenience of contrast enhancing dyes, while benefiting from sub-micrometer resolution offered by the emerging PAI platform. Our group has expanded it's scope to include research and development of this novel and promising class of targeted molecular probes for pathological imaging.

Targeted Radionuclide and Immune-Stimulatory Therapy

Therapy targeted directly to diseased tissue for specific elimination remains a highly desirable yet elusive challenge. Our group explores novel therapeutics combining powerful, cytolethal radionuclides with molecular carriers targeted to diseased tissue. Our approach to therapy relies on externally administered probes to stimulate the immune system for highly effective disease treatment.

Translation and Commercialization Partners

Center for Probe Development and Commericalization

The CPDC discovers, develops, and distributes radiopharmaceuticals. Founded in 2008 as a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR),  the CPDC specializes in radiopharmaceutical research and development. Since its inception, CPDC has gained recognition as a leading radiopharmaceutical organization. It is one of a very few R&D centres that has the full range of scientific, technical, regulatory and business expertise combined with the full specialized infrastructure required to translate radiopharmaceuticals to the clinic and provide them to the commercial marketplace.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals is successful spin-off company of the program. A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, Fusion has the goal of curing cancer by developing targeted alpha therapeutics. Fusion Pharmaceuticals pushes the boundaries of science to create innovative cancer treatments. Their novel targeted alpha therapeutics represent the evolution of radiopharmaceuticals which holds great promise to improve the lives of patients with cancer.

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